We build / Profiled beam

We build with profiled rectangular solid beam or glulam of 14-17% humidity;
total wall thickness 80—310 mm:

1. finnish technology:
wall consists of 80 mm beam + 150 mm mineral wool + 80 mm beam, total wall thickness 310 mm;

2. usual technology:
80 mm beam + 150 mm insulation + 20 mm wall paneling, total wall thickness 250 mm;

3. beam with no insulation:
80 mm beam, total wall thickness 80 mm.

профільований брус

Among the materials, popular in the modern private residential construction, most technological, durable and comfortable is profiled beam, since for such point of view there is a strong reason.

The main difference of profiled from regular beam, is that all elements of the future buildings with high precision manufactured in factory conditions near to the project of future home.

Accordingly, while the assembly process we should only put each piece in its place so the house is made as simple as children's constructor. The result of such technology is impressive: before our eyes grow beautiful, wich does not require additional treatments, building. Брус з ущільнювачем

Profiled beam has higher rates of insulation than round logs: special profile provides a very precise geometry elements snug fit, perfectly executed "Labyrinth" special locks and oak pins leave no single cracks for cold.

Suffice it to note that 200x200mm profiled beam at the intersection provides the same level of heat savings as round logs that has a diameter of 320mm!

Profiled beam with smaller intersection more "cool", but cheap and perfectly suited for the construction of saunas and outbuildings.

In case of the excellent insulation characteristics profiled beam reduces construction costs up to 40% via the round logs, especially in technology — is twice lower price than glued beam.

Our production and construction company "Forest Comfort-build" has its own high-tech production facilities, where coniferous trees produced high-quality profiled beam, half beam and frame houses.

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Describe the configuration, do you have the basement? what square (m2) you want? how many floors? do you have a project?..
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