We build / Loghouses

We build wooden houses with half beam, round beam or round logs:

1. round logs;

2. half beam, round beam (hand made).


Half beam (also called flitches) - is finished on both sides log, which made the walls and interior partitions minced loghouse.

Traditionally half beam - "cut thru" looks from outside like logs, but inside - walls are flat. In the Carpathians, almost of all build with half beam.

The technology of building wooden houses from half beam and loghouses use of wood with natural moisture, so it dries immediately in assembled state. Півбрус з ущільнювачем

Constructive of wooden house or a bath of half beam manufactured on the production base, which saves the time required for felling cut and improves the quality of the loghouse. After that, frame marking, disassembling and transporting to the place and installing on the basement.

Walls of house from half beam as any other wooden houses are going to nagels, and connection logs in compounds (for walls 6 meters long) are in the "dovetail", which increases rigidity and provides no longitudinal displacement in the walls.

Wooden house with half beam increases the room, keeping the heat in the house, as the loghouse width 200 mm equivalent beam diameter 240 - 280 mm. In addition, wooden houses, saunas with halfbeam looks solidly, gracefully and do not require external cladding.

To produce beam we uses mainly pine logs first grade (no rot, curvature and other vices).

Our production and construction company "Forest Comfort-build" has its own high-tech production facilities, where coniferous trees produced high-quality profiled beam, half beam and frame houses.

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loghouse, hotel
Cottage project
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round log project

Pre-order and feedback

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Describe the configuration, do you have the basement, what square (m2) you want, how many floors, do you have a project?..

Describe the configuration, do you have the basement? what square (m2) you want? how many floors? do you have a project?..
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