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We build wooden houses with half beam, round beam or round logs:

1. SIP (panel houses):
walls made of boards, outside painted OSB plate, inside - painted drywall or wallpappers, wall insulated with mineral wool, thickness of 150 mm, frame made from beam 150x70mm;

2. frame houses:
walls made of wooden lining, outside lining or falshbrus, and inside - the narrow lining, for lining frame made from beam 150x70mm, wall insulated with mineral wool, thickness 150mm.

профільований брус

Some customers of wooden building immediately reject the proposal to frame houses, disagreeing even examine the cost of the frame house and listen to the story of its benefits.

This is because of the prevailing myths in a society that somehow accompany the construction of frame houses is mostly in our latitudes. Maybe we can convince those who underestimate the technology and frame houses, prices are really pleased to be considered along with other options.

Myth 1. fragility

I must say that the cost of building a frame house more than compensated. And that you realize not only at the stage of settlement. Frame house is inexpensively repaired. Moreover, the repair of the house to spend a lot easier to replace the part, get no damage to the walls to communication - all thanks to frame stucture. frame wall

This means that if necessary the house can easily be put to normal state. Anyway, no one has complained that after several decades frame house just took, and destroyed.

Myth 2. The frame house can be easily reduced without the help of a construction company

It is with this motto and build the very short-lived homes. Even if you follow step-by-step scheme, compiled experienced craftsmen, You can not to the end to take into account the peculiarities of soil in your area, comply with all the requirements for fire treatment, do the right calculations accurately or choose insulation.

Therefore, the construction of frame houses better not be seen as a process similar to the children's constructor but only longer.

In the picture: 1. The main frame (beam), 2. Heater, 3. Fiberboard, 4. Heater, 5. Supporting frame, 6. Isolation of moisture, 7. The frame for the cladding, 8. Edging with block house, 9. Steam,, 10. Metal, 11. Gypsum as a basis for interior decoration.

Міф 3. Каркасний будинок недостатньо теплий

Not only that modern insulation allows frame houses not to give in this regard to other houses, but still there is an additional bonus. Frame house warms up quickly the remaining buildings, respectively, warming faster and thus spend less money on heating home. Pay attention to this nuance when you study for the construction.

Our production and construction company "Forest Comfort-build" has its own high-tech production facilities, where coniferous trees produced high-quality profiled beam, half beam and frame houses.

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round log project

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Describe the configuration, do you have the basement? what square (m2) you want? how many floors? do you have a project?..
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