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Advantages of wooden houses


A wood like no other material able to "breathe", in other words, wooden house hase air-conductivity because of regular air moving through the wall. In addition, logs provides volatile, with the property to disinfect the air, so sleep is very good in such house, it is especially felt after the concrete houses.

Thermal conductivity

Natural plus of wooden house - is its excellent insulating properties that result from low thermal conductivity trees. The wall of logs diameter of 20 centimeters is much better insulated than a brick wall 32 centimeters thick, lined on both sides with a layer of plaster a 1.5 centimeters. This means that the owner of the wooden buildings will save on heating wooden structure with a brick in comparison.


While any brick, block walls require internal processing of subsequent regular repair every 5 years, and overhauls every 20 years, wooden walls opposite - look aesthetically pleasing inside and outside and do not require cosmetic works only care — 2 dust times a year and update antiseptics and external protective oils every 4-5 years.


The wooden house has a weight average three times less than the similar building of bricks, and therefore significantly saves the customer money during the laying of basemnt structures. Moreover, this quality allows to erect houses of wood even on softer types of soil.


Wooden houses are much cheaper as under construction (cheap materials and basement, building material transportation, etc.), and during its operation (need less energy for its heating and, thus, less spending on it). The structure of the tree in case of need can always make out and then gather in another place. Moreover, due to the ease of carrying structures are sometimes even assembled.

The main disadvantages of wooden houses


The wooden building with logs, beam or timber needs some contraction. Full contraction of house needs about 2 years, although house can settle within six months; but it does not apply to glued beam, which does not shrink.


Finishing extends the life of the wooden structures. For example, experts remind that logs and timber requires thorough grinding to a protective coating substances. Also, the process of manufacturing the carcass and styling should be done by professionals of this case, because there are so many features wood that does not allow them yourself - it is not like laying bricks.


Modern technology is able to cope with the drawbacks of wood construction. Waterproof impregnation, antiseptics and flame retardants give the protective coating walls based on natural oils and waxes.


But all these disadvantages, perhaps not comparable to live in a nice house built with natural materials, breathable and providing excellent flavors for your health!

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