We build wooden houses in EU

Building wooden houses

We have ourself manufacturing of beam and lumber for homes in Lviv, Ukraine.

Basically we build houses from profiled beam; loghouses and frame houses.

Components may be from minimal to full package so-called «key-ready».

profiled beam

The house, built from profiled beam — a combination of natural and environmental friendliness.

High-tech wooden beam manufactured on special equipment of softwood timber that the least susceptible to rotting.

The material has verified certain profile and connection "thorn-groove", which speeds up installation process.

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Брус з ущільнювачем

Packages and price

Package «box»
walls, roof complete with metal tile, rough floor

— beam, 80 mm (without wall insulation)= 130 Є/m2
— beam, 250 mm (with insulation)= 150 Є/m2
— beam, 310 mm (Finnish technology)= 190 Є/m2
— loghouse (round beam)= 200 Є/m2
— loghouse (half beam)= 170 Є/m2
— frame house (false beams)= 110 Є/m2
— frame house (OSB plate)= 100 Є/m2

Package «standart»
«Box» plus windows, doors, stairs, finishing floor

— beam, 80 mm (without wall insulation)= 190 Є/m2
— beam, 250 mm (with insulation)= 220 Є/m2
— beam, 310 mm (Finnish technology)= 250 Є/m2
— loghouse (round beam)= 270 Є/m2
— loghouse (half beam)= 230 Є/m2
— loghouse (round logs)= 240 Є/m2
— frame house (false beams)= 190 Є/m2
— frame house (OSB plate)= 170 Є/m2

Package «key-ready»
«Standart» plus basement, all inner communications, finishing of all surfaces

— beam, 80 mm (without wall insulation)= 250 Є/m2
— beam, 250 mm (with insulation)= 290 Є/m2
— beam, 310 mm (Finnish technology)= 330 Є/m2
— loghouse (round beam)= 340 Є/m2
— loghouse (half beam)= 310 Є/m2
— loghouse (round logs)= 320 Є/m2
— frame house (false beams)= 250 Є/m2
— frame house (OSB plate)= 230 Є/m2This price is preliminary,
actual will be calculated for project.

actual prices
calculated on the project.

Дерев'яні будинки півбрус

In additional


We offer not only plastic windows but also wooden Euro beam with glazing, and various options and prices.

air recuperation system

For buildings bigger than 150m2 we set up the heat recuperation system, which reduces the cost of heating and air-conditioning.


All the boards are dried to a moisture content 12-14%, handled with fire and antiseptics of German company «REMMERS».

Photo gallery

round log
loghouse, hotel
Cottage project
round beam EU
profiled beam
round beam
log house
beam profiled
profiled beam project
round log project
round log project

Pre-order and feedback

What kind of house you interested in?

Describe the configuration, do you have the basement, what square (m2) you want, how many floors, do you have a project?..

Describe the configuration, do you have the basement? what square (m2) you want? how many floors? do you have a project?..
We will call you with detailed price.